E-book inspires children to dream big

Author of I Can Fly, Dr Jana Lazarus.

Zip Zap Circus collaborated with clinical psychologist Dr Jana Lazarus to create a children’s storybook, I Can Fly, which inspires the youth to pursue their dreams.

The book was launched in hard copy in 2019 but is now available as an e-book, just in time for World Literacy Day, which was celebrated yesterday, Wednesday September 8.

Dr Lazarus, of Glencairn, says the storybook was designed to inspire children to dare to dream and to remind them that anything is possible if you believe in your dream.

The book is illustrated by Ayanda Nombelwu, a multi-talented Zip Zap Circus student, and tells the story of Lucky Mtuff, whose destiny is transformed through the circus. It reflects the stories of hundreds of children who have passed through Zip Zap’s doors over the past 29 years.

In the book, Lucky learns that he has to make his own luck, and, despite a rough start in life, he seizes an opportunity, learns new skills and finds a new family and a sense of belonging through the circus.

His story is synonymous with many other youth-at-risk who have passed through the doors of the Zip Zap Circus, says Dr Lazarus, who is also known as Zip Zap’s Dr Zizz.

The read-aloud, full-colour picture book carries a message of hope, empowerment, and the possibility that dreams can come true, she says.

“I felt it would be hugely beneficial to bring Zip Zap’s story of hope, creativity, and teamwork into our homes to share with our families. This has become especially important during Covid when their performances are limited and our children need all the encouragement they can get.”

Dr Lazarus is a child psychologist and play therapist who writes books about inspiring people, places, and animals. The book is available online at all major online bookstores and at zip-zap.co.za. Visit drzizz.com for more information about Dr Lazarus.

I Can Fly illustrator Ayanda Nombelwu.