EcoHoek market coming soon

Love the environment? What about markets?

Well now the best of these two worlds are combining in a new venture called EcoHoek.

Leigh Barrett, of Revamp The Valley and Lizelle Coombs of Angels Resource Centres, have joined forces to create a market that combines social activity, both entrepreneur and economic development and an environmental education centre.

The market will take place on March 7 and 8 (the weekend of the Cape Town Cycle Tour) at eZone Fish Hoek, 81A Main Road, Fish Hoek.

eZone is a social franchise and micro-incubator, and offers desks, free wi-fi, business administration and financial services, with meeting rooms, to the community.

According to Ms Barrett, all items at the market must be locally produced and approved by a products standard committee.

“At EcoHoek, the maker is the seller,” she said. “We believe that the Fish Hoek Valley
region can become the eco-capital of
South Africa, with innovation and entrepreneurial development leading the way,” she said.

The market promotes local artisans who create products that are recycled, upcycled, or otherwise environmentally friendly.

“The beauty of markets is
that innovation is possible: craftspeople can create and test the market for their innovative products,” she said.

The vendor handbook and application form is available at eZone, on the EcoHoek
Facebook page, or on the EcoHoek website at For more information, contact Leigh Barrett at email: