Education in turmoil

Johann Kikillus, Director: Social Transformation Forum, Ocean View

I fear that the City of Cape Town and Western Cape provincial government do not communicate with each other.

Consider Ward 61. There will be more than 500 new homes in Ocean View shortly. Added to this are the 600 planned houses for Dido Valley and several hundred homes for Kommetjie.

I recently wrote to the Premier’s office regarding the sorry state of education in Ward 61 and received a written reply that made my heart sink. In summary: No new schools are planned for the area; no mobile classrooms are planned for the area; apparently there is not a truancy problem; and apparently principals have not complained about overcrowding. (I have spoken in classrooms of over 50 pupils.)

These comments clearly show just how far removed the premier and her executive are from reality on the ground.

Most of our schools are overcrowded and under-performing. A Grade 11 pupil told me last week that she had to drop pure maths as a subject as it was no longer going to be offered. There go her dreams of studying further.

So when the mayor approves the building of over 1000 new dwellings, I wish to ask where she expects these children to find a decent education.

The Far South needs to stand up against such poor decision making and planning. It is hurting our children. Maybe the political leaders need to move on and be replaced by people who genuinely care about the well-being of our people.

* This letter was sent to the offices of the premier and the mayor for comment, but by the time this edition went to print, they had not yet responded.