Educational walk-about in Buffalo Road

Three residents from Ocean View’s Buffalo Road took to the streets on Human Right Day, Saturday March 21 to educate residents about Covid-19

Wearing masks, Gregory and Alridge Edwards-Pieterse and Sharone Daniels, went door to door handing out flyers and educating residents about the outbreak.

Ms Daniels printed flyers to help residents identify the difference between a common cold and the virus and Mr Edwards-Pieterse printed fridge posters.

Mr Edwards-Pieterse said there was so much ignorance in the community and people were making unwarranted jokes.

“We wanted to let residents know that it affects and infects everyone,” he said.

Residents were told what symptoms to look out for and what they should do in the event of presenting such symptoms.

Children playing in the road were told to keep a two-litre bottle filled with soapy water with them at all times and to wash their hands regularly.

Mr Edwards-Pieterse said while the availability of masks was a problem, some residents were making masks at a small fee for residents to