Explain the rules

Angka Aeckerle, Kommetjie

Please can someone explain the law to me?

Why is jogging safe at 6am in total darkness and dangerous at 6pm after work?

Why is it safe to walk your dog till 9am in a crowd of other dog-walkers and dangerous to walk a dog at any other time?

Why is jogging and walking safe between 6am and 9am on the road with many other people but dangerous on your own on the beach with a distance of 20 to 50m to the next walker or jogger?

Why is surfing dangerous? I have never seen people surfing very close to each other because of their own safety.

Otherwise, queuing in the mall for hours is not a problem. There aren’t even any special entrances for elderly or handicapped people.

I would be pleased if someone could help me understand.

Don’t get me wrong, I support everything we can do to protect ourselves and others against Covid-19, but I have to understand the reasons.