Far south rezone applications

The City of Cape Town wants to rezone and sub-divide a Muizenberg property to formalise its use it as a solid-waste cleansing depot.

Elco Property Developments submitted the application on behalf of the City, which owns the site, , currently zoned open space 2.

The proposal is to change the zoning to utility zone. The site is being used as a cleansing depot and a traffic-operations centre and has an area of vacant land.

The proposal is to subdivide the property, Erf 86264, into two portions. Portion 1 will define the boundaries of the existing solid waste cleansing depot.

There is two-storey building on the property, a guard house at the gate and landscaping around the site against the boundary gate.

According to the application, the development is not near any areas identified for urban civil upgrade or anything of significant heritage value; the sub-division is to allow the cleansing depot and the traffic-operation centre to each operate separately; and no alterations are proposed to any of the buildings on site.