Fed up with the DA

Tony Fernandez, Capri

I have read the letter “Lift the levy” in your issue of September 10 and am one of the (surely) hundreds of thousands of homeowners who are slowly getting fed up with the DA council we presently have in place in Cape Town.

The water levy was originally implemented as a way to stop residents using too much water when there was no rain and the dams were not being replenished. One was penalised as one’s water consumption increased. Now council are saying it was never meant to be a temporary measure. The DA are getting as bad as the other political parties.

The council’s income has increased and they have grown comfortable spending the additional income from the water levy; now they can’t reduce it as they would have to find another source to cover it. That is blatant theft from the ratepayers, and they will be untruthful to cover their errors.

Let Xanthea Limberg know that she is misleading the public with her response – as is our councillor. Initially, we the ratepayers, were led to believe that it was a penalty if we used water excessively during the drought only.