Feel proud of Muizenberg’s rich heritage

* Chris Taylor giving a tour of Muizenberg.

The Muizenberg Historical Conservation Society is well out of the starting blocks for its new year’s resolutions.

Glenn Babb, who was elected chairman of the board on Tuesday December 6, said Muizenberg walking tours were set to start soon, after the first one, led by Chris Taylor, was held from Knead, at Surfers’ Corner, on Wednesday December 21.

The free one-and-a-half-hour tours are held daily except on Mondays and explore fascinating parts of Muizenberg’s rich history.

“We have our next meeting this month, and during that we will establish a skeleton plan for a monthly array of events,” said Mr Babb. “We are proud of the dedication of the guides with their wry humour, profound knowledge and ability to amuse the walkers with quirky stories and revelations of the secret past.”

Mr Babb said the society wanted the community to feel proud of Muizenberg’s rich heritage and hoped to grow its membership, while reaching out to tour guides, artists and anyone who felt passionately about Muizenberg and its history.

“I shall be proposing to the board that we hold a historical quiz, after an evening presentation, with worthwhile prizes; films featuring Muizenberg and its characters; illustrated talks; and excursions,” he said.

“Membership of the society will bring greater benefits in the future: we have decided that all our events will be free or discounted for members.”

The tour includes information about shark attacks, the surfing industry, the Posthuys and architecture; a trip down Millionaire’s Row; a walk past some art deco gems; a visit to a kramat; a walk past Muizenberg’s synogogue; stories about Cold War spies and beer-drinking horses; and a visit to the place where the Battle of Muizenberg was fought.

For details, contact Chris Taylor at info@desertart.co.za or 082 908 3456.