Fibre cable headaches

Eddie Norton, Muizenberg

With reference to your article on the state of laying fire cables (“Fibre laying process stinks, says resident”, Off My Trolley, April 11 ), I believe that the public don’t really understand the process.

In the dark old days the Post Office (now Telkom) would come into a suburb to lay cables, especially a newly developed suburb, and lay the necessary infrastructure.

Telkom have a company called “Open Serve” who now are responsible for laying the new cables. They can also subcontract to the IP providers such as Frog Foot, Vuma and Afrihost.

These IPs would then do the connection from the layed fibre into the public’s dwelling.

There will never be another cable laid again as one cable can handle all requirements.

The IPs will offer the public the services as to the individual’s requirements such as broadband, data and VOIP at competitive rates. Also speed of data variables.

Blob) Mr Norton is correct. It is not so much that people are complaining about the fibre installation but the fact the IPs don’t restore the area, according to the wayleave and the municipality doesn’t have the will to enforce their own regulations – Brian Joss, Off My Trolley