First Day

Grade 7 pupil Jaidon Mc Condochie from Sun Valley Primary School posing with his younger brother, Ethan Mc Condochie, 6, who is in Grade 1 at Bay Primary School.

It was a big day for far south parents (and pupils) as scores of Grade 1s started the first day of their school career on Wednesday January 15.

According to the the Western Cape Education Department (WCED), schools across the province accepted 107 000 Grade 1s this year – an increase from 104 336 pupils in 2019.

In a statement, Education MEC Debbie Schafer conveyed well wishes to all Grade 1 pupils across the province.

“The WCED will provide the support you need to succeed, but, equally, we need a commitment from you to work hard, apply yourself to your studies and respect your teachers. I also wish parents a productive and happy year playing an active role in your children’s education,” she said.