Eben van der Westhuizen, Fish Hoek

I feel so sorry for the men and women in our fishing industry. They go out early morning in the dark before most of us have woken up or had a warm cup of coffee.

They brave the might of the rough oceans, plying their trade.

They risk their lives out there day after day to feed their families and for us to buy a fish for our braai.

What concerns me is the poor fishermen staying poor year after year as what they get paid for their catch from the big corporate sharks is a pittance compared to what these big sharks earn.

My heart goes out to the fishermen as they work hard but stay poor while the big sharks get richer and richer.

It’s time these fishermen get a better deal so they can send their kids to a private school and hospitals like the big sharks’ kids do.

When I walk around the harbour on a fine day, I see those boats bobbing and waving, so imagine what it must be like out in the deep ocean.

I admire them for their courage and hard work and they always seem happy and jolly no matter if it was a good or bad catch.

Fishermen, you are great, the world loves you.