Follow the trail

Muriel Leecit, Fish Hoek

Many, many years ago there was a valley

Wide with mountains high on either side

While the sand between was deep and white

Oh what a glorious glorious sight.

But when the season was at its height

My how the wind blew but day and night

No good to build a hut nor house

A hole is only for a mouse.

But the earliest guys in those far-off days

Found sheltered, cosy and homely caves

A view of the valley right down to the sea

And look there comes breakfast for you and for me.

They cooked, so had fire and skins were for warmth

And they had bows and arrows for hunting of course.

They painted their walls, how else would we know

This history of Fish Hoek so long, long ago.

This story of Fish Hoek is the start of the tale

So come to the museum and follow the trail.