Mavis Hutchison, 
Fish Hoek

To the people of Fish Hoek, thank you kindly for all the forget-me-not- blessings every day, for the kind, gentle and helpful deeds you say and do and give each day. 

To the people of Fish Hoek, when I am in trouble you are always there to hold my hand and wipe away my tears.

When I collapsed on my way home from shopping, you made sure I got safely home to rest and recover and when it happened again about 50 meters from home, you said here I am let me hold your hand. I notice you are finding it difficult to stand.

Forget-me-not-blessings seem to understand my needs and are always willing and able to do a kind deed.

When once again I collapsed outside the high school, you kindly took me to hospital in your panel van. When I stood in the queue at the bank you said here’s a chair while you wait.

As you passed me in the street, you smiled and said take it easy in the heat.

Forget-me-not-blessings are like a chain of gold, cast in God’s all-purpose mould.

Each leaf a smile, a laugh, a tear, a touch of the hand, a word of cheer.

Forget-me-not-blessings are a blessing of love, comfort and care which the people of Fish Hoek are always willing to share.

When I collapsed yet again the CMR came to my aid, they took me to hospital where they kept me a while where I was taken care of by the caring medical staff.

Your forget-me-not-blessings bring a Your forget-me-not blessings bing a feeling of content and strength for the trials of tomorrow.

I know not how it happens that in my hour of need someone out of nowhere proves to be a forget-me-not-friend.

My most sincere wish for you each day is forget-me-not-blessings in your time of need which say all is okay, I am here with forget-me-not-blessings to show you the way.

Where there is forget-me-not-blessings, there you are. My most sincere thank you to the caring people of Fish Hoek.