Free online training

Since the pandemic is making it difficult to host training sessions, Young People @Work, a youth development agency, is now offering free online life skills training.

YoungPeople@Work, a youth development agency based in Parow, is offering unemployed youth free online life skills training via WhatsApp.

The training is designed to make it easy to learn from home. Participants can also revise the slides and voice notes as many times as they like, to help deepen their understanding.

Anyone is welcome to sign up.

Included in the training are professional job seeking skills, which will cover topics such as what companies are looking for, the two types of curriculum vitaes (CVs), do’s and don’ts during interviews, and how to expand your personal network.

Another course deals with effective money management, which will cover the principles of budgeting, debt management and multi-streaming incomes, among others.

Other training covers effective customer relations which will look at building relationships, among others, and basic office administration skills.

The “Licence to Live” training course deals with mental blockages and how to realise your dream.

People are also welcome to sign up for the free computer literacy and Microsoft Windows sessions. Certificates will be available on request.

For more information, contact the Young People @Work administration team, by sending a WhatsApp message to 063 424 8665 (no phone calls).