Fun in the park

Ocean View children playing in the Wynberg Park.

For 70 Ocean View children, Sunday November 26 was a day to remember for all the right reasons. Luke Koeries, an Ocean View resident who started his own NGO called Kids are Kids, said he wanted to prove that there was not just bad news coming out of the area.

On Sunday, Luke and his mother Evelyn took 70 children from the area to Wynberg Park.

“It was all made possible by
people in the community who donated towards transport and something to eat and drink,” he

He said the Wynberg Park outing was a day of fun, where the children played, had their faces painted and enjoyed playing team games. “I just want to thank each and everyone in and outside the community who did all the things they did, to make the day so special for the kids.

“And a special thanks to Devin Chown, Caitlin Abrahams, Attorneys West & Rossouw, Montagu from Longbeach Mall and
I want to thank my mom Evelyn Koeries for always going out her way for the kids,” Luke said.

“Together, we created a day to remember for all the kids that they will never forget in their life.

“It was just not a day out, but it was a day to clear their minds of all crime. Our people in the community are doing everything they an to see our kids smile,” he said.