Furballs frolic at cat show

Cecil Viviers of Sun Valley with his Persian, Princess Charlotte.

Saturday saw a gathering of the best furs and “purrsonality” in the peninsula with the advent of the annual cat show in Muizenberg.

The All Breeds Cat Club showed off its variety of cats, from the gentle giant Maine Coons to the hairless “skinderellas” of the show – and even the much-loved moggies among them. 

People drove from all over the peninsula to present their largely unimpressed companions. Cecil and Debbie Viviers, of Sun Valley, represented the far south with their Persians, Princess Charlotte, Toulouse Cream Soda and Archie.

The preparation for a show is intensive, and the Vivierses are well acquainted with bathing and grooming their show cats.

The health and nature of the cat are vital too, and although they are relatively new as breeders for Persians, the couple’s love of feline friends extends to all

They have even taken in a rescue or two, one of which was a Siamese. Last year, the couple’s top cats had kittens, one of which went to a home where her carry bag is the authentic item from a top fashion brand.

The inclement weather did not help, with all cat owners watching their cats’ fur for frizz and the cats generally being in less sociable moods, “prefurring” to do what cats do best, which is sleep.

The Vivierses are delighted with their results and said the event was enjoyable and always had a good turnout.

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