Gratitude and a thank you

Benny Moshiga, on behalf of ANC Ward 61

The African National Congress (ANC) in Ward 61 would like to extend its gratitude and thanks to Oliver Castro and his Ocean View Community Association (OVCA) team for inviting the ANC councillor candidate to a successful political candidate debate in Ocean View/Slangkop on Saturday July 23. We further give thanks to the brave political party candidates and independent candidate who came to face the residents.

We also acknowledge the Right to Know movement for providing an informative newsletter and the artists Fruit(N)ation for giving us great entertainment. Not forgetting the most important participants who braved the weather to make the debate a success.

We further note that the paragons of excellence who claim to have people at heart didn’t have courage to come an face the community. We hope the few residents who attended the debate have been well informed about the ANC manifesto. The programmes outlined by our councillor candidate included the most sensitive issue of housing in Ocean View.

The ANC is ready to redress or address all matters arising in the community and Ward 61 at large. We hope events of this calibre will be ongoing to encourage participation of the residents to hold their representatives to account