Great service

I read with interest the letter last week lambasting the licensing department. I also noted that it is not the first that I have read. Equally, based on loads of urban legends and hearsay, I was also worried when it was our turn to renew driver’s licences and also our car tax/licence.

The first point was the driver’s licence. Both my wife and I went armed with books and magazines. My wife’s hairdresser and mates and numerous letters told us this was needed.

We also took a rates bill as proof of residence for my wife and a telephone bill as proof of residence for me.

We arrived at 8am and left with all completed by 8.30am. This included the eye test guy being very helpful with my wife’s test as she always confuses her left and right.

In addition, there were plenty of learners sitting tests and lots of bustle. The staff, however, with the printed motto on the wall of wanting to be the best in the world, were exemplary.

I cannot even begin to compare this to Johannesburg where we semi-grated from three years ago. It is just too awesome living in a province and a city that works.

Two days later, it was my turn with renewing the car licences. Both my wife and I agreed that maybe we had been lucky the first time, so I went on my own armed with a book and piles of patience.

I was back in the haven of Kommetjie in just over an hour having also bought the shopping that was added to my task list for the day, much to the surprise of the wife.

I realised then that I shouldn’t, in fairness, have taken the day off work. What an awesome level of service and professionalism. I just cannot be complimentary enough.

Sure, in both cases, we did our homework and went armed with the correct paperwork. After all, you only have yourself to blame if you don’t get your house in order.