Hard tooth to swallow

Susanne Swart, Fish Hoek

Reading about Hannah Manning’s experience with the night guard that she swallowed, (“Warning about night guard,” Echo, February 7), I remembered my own experience with my dentures, consisting of two teeth, which hooked on top of my own teeth left and right side.

In 1997 I sat down to have lunch when I felt the denture was loose but found nothing in my mouth. After searching in my mouth, I realized that I must have swallowed it.

X-rays showed they were stuck in the c-bend before going into the big intestine. After five days of waiting, a doctor tried removing it with the bottom hook of a gastroscope after a light injection. The teeth got stuck into the wall of my oesophagus as they were pulled up, and I woke up in ICU where I stayed for six days. I still have a scar from ear to chest. It was not a nice experience.