Help for trauma sufferers

Johann Kikillis, Ocean View Care Centre

This past Sunday morning, a young mother of one of the children at Ocean View Care Centre was brutally murdered in an apparent gang-related shooting (See page 1 and 3).

We all knew this mother well. This morning, the little boy is sitting in his classroom trying to put on a brave face.

The other 134 children are aware of what happened, as are their parents, the staff and the many families living in Andromeda Way where the shooting took place.

Two weeks ago it was Erica Place. This trauma runs deep in all of us. Tragically this was not isolated either.

Every year that our school has been in existence, we have had several families experience this horrible trauma. As a result, our children are beginning to believe that this is normal life.

Trauma has a nasty way of finding its way deep into a child’s mind and sitting there. If it is not dealt with, it manifests in all kinds of destructive behaviour.

Sadly many victims of trauma suffer so much that they turn to drugs and alcohol to numb the pain.

I want to implore anyone who is struggling with trauma to come forward and get help. You are welcome to come to the Care Centre or go to False Bay Hospital where counsellors are available.

To the gangsters who go around causing all this trauma, I want you to remember that God does not sleep. Your actions are taking you down as well. It is not too late to come clean and turn your life around.