Help research otter death

The South African National Stranding Network wants to locate the carcass of this dead otter for research purposes.

A researcher is trying to locate the carcass of an old and well known otter which used to frequent Miller’s Point in Simon’s Town.

Meredith Thornton, of the South African National Stranding Network (SASN), said the old otter had been a regular at the Miller’s Point slipway.

“Many people had special experiences with it as it became older, because its desperation for food made it overcome its fear of people. Many kind people took pity on it, feeding it fish when they came back from sea, and without doubt this allowed it to survive much longer than it would have, had it been alone. Unfortunately it has died, and, very sadly, it was removed before we could collect it,” Ms Thornton said.

After being sent a picture of the dead otter, SASN members had hoped to collect the carcass, photograph and measure it and collect other data before giving it to Iziko Museums of South Africa, but when they went to retrieve the body they found it had been moved.

Anyone who knows who has the carcass, or where it might have been buried, can WhatsApp 0827465579.