Hero Day to honour community champs

Luke Koeries of Kids are Kids is hosting a Hero Day.

To mark the upcoming Mandela Day, which is marked on July 18, Luke Koeries of Kids are Kids in Ocean View, is planning to host what he is calling a Hero Day.

“I want to honour the heroes in our community – the people who are making a difference in the community like members of our police force, firefighters, ambulance drivers and paramedics. It will be a way to say thank you to them for all they do, and I want them to talk to the kids in Ocean View about what it is that they do,” he says.

He wanted to host the day on Mandela Day but he has chosen to hold it on Saturday July 14, so that the children in the neighbourhood are able to participate.

For Luke, it is all about inspiration. He wants the children to meet these men and women and hear their stories and he
hopes that hearing about the lives these people lead and the difference they make that the children may want to follow in their footsteps.

The event is being held at the Six Sisters Flats in Sirius Way, Ocean View, and Luke has asked for donations of refreshments for the event.

Luke has become a familiar name in the gang-ridden community, one young man with a vision to be of practical help to the children. And the community has his back, support for his organisation is growing and as it does, it further enables his reach.

Luke has grown up in Ocean View, and is the son of a fallen police officer, raised by a mother who believes in her son. His father’s death has allowed Luke to understand the loss felt by many children in his suburb who live in single parent situations or are being raised by grandparents.

Through Kids are Kids, he ensures that hungry children are fed daily – and here he thanks sponsors – and his mom for her hands-on help.

He and two of his friends ensure that young children make it safely to school and back by having formed a walking bus, where they are escorted to school and home again, and he provides a homework service for the children.

Every year Luke organises Easter and Christmas parties and he regularly takes the children on outings. He says there are many people in Ocean View who have never left the area and he wants to ensure that this generation and the next will see the world beyond their doorstep.

Luke is part of the Emergency Volunteers Services and was part of the crew that helped fight the fires in Knysna.

To see more about what Luke does, visit his page Luke Koeries on Facebook or to help his organisation in any way call him on 074 011 7172.