Hero to the rescue

Louma le Roux with her "hero of the year", Belal Abdelrahman.

Louma le Roux, Fish Hoek

I want to share my experience of Tuesday February 26 with all Fish Hoek residents.
I was in a hurry to fetch my granddaughter. I was parked on the corner of Recreation Road and Main Road.
As I was loading my laptop in the boot of my car, I did not notice my handbag falling in the road and drove away.
About 20 minutes later, my phone rang and a lady, Maggie Abdelrahman, informed me that her husband had seen my bag in the road and he had picked it up.
Luckily my business cards with my phone number on had been in the bag.
Ms Abdelrahman told me where I could meet her husband to collect my bag.
When I got there, he gave me my bag and said everything was still inside.
I did not even look because I knew I could trust him.
It was only later, when I thanked his wife, that she told me that he did not have work.
I asked them to come to the office this morning to thank them.