High speed dash saves a life

According to the Cape of Diab archives the following article, “Dash with serum saved his life”, appeared in the press in January 1939: “A 60-miles-per hour car dash with snake serum has saved the life of an elderly woodcutter named Sabant, who was bitten in the hand by a speckled cobra while working near his home at Kommetjie near Cape Town, says Reuter. Sabant sent one of his workers to Fish Hoek, six miles away, to summon Bertie Peers, pictured, owner of the Cape Town Snake Park, who he knew would have the necessary antidote. The worker ran the six miles to Fish Hoek and Mr Peers jumped into his car and dashed off to Kommetjie with some serum. ‘I think I did the six miles in six minutes. I knew it was a matter of life and death. When I arrived, coma was setting in. It was a narrow shave,’ he said.” Peers was the son of Victor Peers and it was him and his father who gave their name to the famous Peers Cave near Fish Hoek. Bertie died tragically later that year of a snake bite. Picture: Cape of Diab.