Hiking attack stirs fear

Peter Ryan, Muizenberg

The two brutal attacks on hikers on Kalk Bay mountain in January appear to have created a landscape of fear in the minds of Capetonians. I conduct a bird survey on the Muizenberg-Kalk Bay mountains roughly every two weeks – fortunately not coinciding with either of the attacks.

After the first attack, it was as busy as ever, but the second attack in as many weeks left the mountain eerily deserted the following week.

Saturday February 3 was a lovely morning, but the only people I saw on the mountain were two SANParks officials with a vehicle near Nellies Pool.

I must admit to some trepidation as I approached the Amphitheatre. What would I do if I saw someone? Adding to my uncertainty was the fact that no description appears to have been issued by the authorities. Surely the eyewitnesses to both
attacks have given descriptions to the police, yet no identikit has been released.

We can’t afford to let fear change our enjoyment of our national park, but we need information to inform our actions while on the mountain. Please give us the tools to take care of ourselves.

* See story on page 5.