Hip, hip hooray, 104 years for Ms Soglanich

It has been party central for Domi Soglanich for the past few days: and there are 104 reasons to celebrate.

Ms Soglanich turned 104 on Sunday, November 26 with a party at Carlisle Lodge where she lives, and with another party at her church, followed by a party the following day at PnP in Fish Hoek.

Tuesday, November 28, was her fourth party, and she laughed that the ages of all the Milkwood Pre-Primary School children present, combined, did not match her numbers.

Ms Soglanich is an avid night owl and at her 102nd birthday, she snuck back into the retirement village past midnight, chuckling at all her friends who were long asleep.

She is still making hangers covered with lace sent to her from family in Cicely, and just sent four hangers off to be delivered for her latest great-grandchild; whom she hopes to see in six months time. In the interim, she insists on a new photo daily to be sent by phone.

When her son Christopher asked her what it felt like to be this age, she just shrugged and said “no different” before tucking into her red velvet birthday cake.

Ms Soglanich thoroughly enjoyed having the children celebrate with her, and has retained her famous memory.

Last year Christopher told the story of her 100th birthday – he picked two random people at each table and asked her for their birth dates: she was spot on. On Tuesday, a year after meeting me briefly she smiled and said, “Weren’t you at my last birthday?”