Honesty is the best policy

Brian Pittman, Fish Hoek Autocenta (Caltex)

What a pleasure it was when our petrol attendant Kelvin Boboya also known as Bullet, as he is so quick and efficient – handed in an American passport, together with a credit card and US$80 in notes, that he had found lying on our forecourt.

It is this kind of integrity and honesty that we instil in our petrol attendants and of which they and ourselves are justifiably proud.

We were able, by contacting the American embassy, to ascertain the owner, whom they contacted, and she was able to call on us to retrieve her missing property.

Needless to say, Bullet was rewarded for his honesty.

To all our petrol attendants, we say well done on your continued loyalty and outstanding service to the Fish Hoek community and to those from further afield.