Hospital needs funds

Felicity Purchase, mayoral committee member for transport

Dear residents of the far south, I sit on False Bay Hospital Board.

One of our aims over the past few years has been to raise the necessary funds to buy essential equipment, which, unfortunately, has not made the budget over the past years due to other priorities.

The False Bay Hospital Association and the False Bay Hospital Trust together with the board work together to this end.

I believe every family in the south is affected and has an interest in the wellbeing and efficiency of our hospital. Either as a patient, or as an employer of patients.

Some of the items we have recently acquired include: blood warmers, ventilators, cots for the paediatric wards, trolleys for the emergency room patients so that they don’t have to sleep on floors or benches while they wait for admittance, couches, an X-ray machine, blankets, a Phaco machine for cataract operations, instruments for eye surgery, a defibrillator and much more.

We are running at over 100% capacity, and the staff are working exceptionally hard to keep abreast of the workload. We have the opportunity to have the hospital registered as a beneficiary of the My School, My Community, My Planet rewards card, but to activate this we need to have at least 50 people activate the False Bay Hospital as a beneficiary.

I recognise that many people have their children’s school as their beneficiary, but would ask if you have a card that you nominate the hospital as the second or third beneficiary.

If you do not yet have a card, then please join and put us as your primary beneficiary.

Please can you then return the forms to me, and we will submit with our required paperwork. May you all have a blessed Christmas.