How many people need to die?

Johann Kikillus, director of Soteria Ministries, Ocean View

Regarding the response I received from the City and the premier to my last letter, (“Learn to work together,” Echo October 31), there has been another weekend of constant shooting in Ocean View.

On Monday November 4 at 7.30am, I was informed of a shooting opposite Marine Primary. When I arrived at the scene, there were dozens of schoolchildren and elderly people in the road.

Apparently the shooter shot the man in front of everybody and the children had to run for their lives.

Again I wish to request a conversation about how to address these issues.

Just adding more police will not address the root causes. We need to discuss how changes need to be made to social development, education and even health to address the plight of many vulnerable young people.

I am not sure how many more people need to die before this conversation is had in the public space. ‘

* According to Ocean View police spokesman Sergeant Leon Fortuin, a 32-year-old man was shot through the back in a gang-related shooting outside Marine Primary School on Monday November 4, at 7.30am.