Increased SAPS visibility leads to 50 arrests

Muizenberg SAPS have arrested a total of 50 people so far this month, for offences varying from shoplifting to rape.

The arrests were for two outstanding warrants of arrest, a house robbery, four instances of theft, five of shoplifting, 10 arrests for possession of narcotics, three arrests for assault and two for domestic violence; one for selling liquor without a licence, one for malicious injury to property, one for car-jacking and 12 for trespassing.

They made three arrests for drunk driving, one for housebreaking, one for rape and three people were arrested for dealing in narcotics.

Muizenberg police have also noted with concern the ongoing robberies in the streets of the Muizenberg precinct, especially where dangerous weapons like screw drivers and knives, were used.

With this in mind, Captain Stephen Knapp says SAPS have increased their visibility and patrols and would like to request the community to be more vigilant and adhere to basic guidelines when walking on the street. These include:

* Never walk alone, always try to walk in a group.

* When walking, do not talk on your cellphone, nor display jewellery and valuables.

* Be observant and take note of your surroundings.

* Be wary of loitering strangers.

* Try to walk in well-lit places after dark and avoid open fields/secluded areas.

* When travelling on a train, be especially wary when the train is departing and guard your valuables.

* Be especially vigilant during peak times.

* Keep emergency numbers handy and note descriptions of suspicious persons when alerting the police.

* Trust your instinct and avoid talking to strangers.