Inflated water bill

John Butterworth, Fish Hoek

I think the following information should be passed on to your readers. I bought a 1.5l bottle of Valpre still water from The Galley ice cream shop on Fish Hoek beach today. They charged R48 for this. The price is an obvious case of price gouging, particularly when some water shops are selling at R6 a litre.

I hope you agree with me and maybe we can arrest this profiteering.

* Nola Hill of The Galley Restaurant responds:

After you informed us of an error on your bill, we investigated the matter and admit the mistake was ours. Please accept our sincere apologies for the error in your bill . Until our new system is online, we are still subject to the frailties of human error. Rest assured that the problem has been rectified, and you may please come in. We apologise and look forward to serving you in the future.