Invest in a trench coat

Winter is a cloudy, grey and dark season, but our ward-robes can still excite us in so many ways.

We just have to think and plan. The temptation to wear black most of the time is stronger than ever, whether it is a jacket or long sleeve polo neck and jeans, but everyone seems to be combating this with colour outerwear. And in a good way.

The joys of winter are in the layering.

Invest in colour outerwear or bring subtle or bold printed coats into your wardrobe and throw this over a casual ripped or other jeans and top to create an instantly polished look.

Women are wearing sleeveless all year round – even in the cold winter months but if you cannot bear the thought of shivering all evening or grabbing an old, worn out cardigan from your ward- robe, then planning ahead will help.

Your coat is something that is easy to overlook.

The last thing you want to do is throw on the parka you wear to walk the dog when you are feeling festive and elegant.

Sometimes you need or want something longer and this is really hard to find except in the huge puffer coats that make you look like the snowman.

Try a super elegant coat – you won’t want to take it off all night. The statement coat has the same function as a beautiful dress: if it’s good enough, it doesn’t need any accessory.

Whether you are wearing a dress or pants with a sleeveless top, here are some ideas:

A gorgeous jacket can glam up a basic little black dress.

If it is nicely fitted it will look good over a dress, with black pants or a pair of dark wash (or black) jeans.

All you need are pretty earrings and a bracelet, if you are so inclined, and you are good to go.

Or maybe you just want to cover your upper arms a bit but don’t need a lot of added warmth. Then a wrap will do the trick and it’s hands-free.

If you don’t need to be all dressed up but don’t want to feel like you are wearing your work or ultra-casual clothes to the event, try a pretty understated jacket.

These are just a few of the many, many ideas.

There are a large number of coats and jackets available this winter season, including wool coats, longline coats and military inspired jackets (full lengths).

Other styles include capes, ponchos, denim jackets and the wardrobe staple that is worth investing in is a great trench coat.

The trench is a favourite as it’s very versatile.

A beautiful coat is an investment in your wardrobe – something you will have for years – and you will smile every time you go out and put it on, delighted at how smart you were to get something so beautiful and practical.

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