Is it a taxi rank?

Berindina Daniels, Ocean View

For 20 years now I have had no idea that the taxi rank down Gemini Way, Ocean View, was not an official one.

Apparently the taxi drivers are only doing a favour for those who live down the bottom area of Ocean View.

Since the start of Covid-19, our people have been standing in the cold and wet on rainy days awaiting a taxi. We feel the need to take a bus now and we feel that the building down Gemini Way should be torn down and a clinic or something that the people need, must be built there.

We as people who use the bottom taxi rank feel that we have been wronged and we want answers.

Is this a taxi rank or is it just a building they wasted money on?

* Mayoral committee member for transport, Felicity Purchase, responds:

The City has records of Ocean View having two transport facilities, one located off Gemini and Draco ways and the second off Aries and Alpha roads. Historically the Gemini rank was the first facility built and the taxi operations started operating from this facility for a number years. As the area developed over the years, however, the furthest point at the top end of Aries Road was used as the starting point for minibus-taxis in the area.

Minibus taxis would start the origin of their trip from the Aries rank and if space on the vehicles allowed, passengers would do boarding and alighting along the route. Minibus-taxi operations in the area would generally start from the furthest point in Ocean View and they would rove along the route, none of the vehicles would rank at any of the two transport facilities in the area.