Journey into Simon’s Town’s past with competition

Activist, poet, writer, and researcher Albert Thomas.

The Simon’s Town Museum’s Phoenix Committee, in partnership with South African History Online, will be running the Albert Thomas Oral History Competition.

According to the museum, Albert Thomas was born in Simon’s Town. He was an activist, poet, writer, and researcher. He and his wife, Gladys, were one of the many families forcefully removed from Simon’s Town in 1967, under apartheid.

Mr Thomas was instrumental in establishing the Phoenix Committee, which represents victims of the forced removals. He also started an oral-history initiative to tell their stories.

The competition is open to anyone aged 14 to 30. Entries should describe a slice of Simon’s Town’s history. The first prize is R1 000, the second prize is R800 and the third prize is R600.

Formats can include a comic strip; a graphic story; a video series no longer than 10 minutes; an essay of 3 000 words; and an illustration, painting, sculpture, photo series or collage.

Entries close on Tuesday March 15 2022. To enter, visit or email Tazneem Wentzel at or or call 021 786 3046.