Just Breeze collects recycling refuge door to door

Recycling collection is planned to be back on track this month now that Just Breeze, the City’s new waste and recycling contractor,
has begun handling the refuse and door to door recycling collections in the Far South Peninsula.

After the last waste contractor’s contract ran out and the new contractor turned out to be unable to take up the contract, the City had an interim plan in place which included, in the last weeks, refuse trucks collecting and crushing the recyclables left out for collect-

Now the recycling will be once again collected by cage trucks. The recyclables will be collected on the customary collection days for your area and new bags will be issued for the following week’s collect-

Based in Tshwane, Just Breeze is a national company mana-
ging waste and recycling collect-
ions for a number of local authorities.

Just Just Breeze are in the process of setting up a local contact telephone number and can be emailed in
the interim at: info@justbreeze.co.za.

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