Knights in shining armour

Teacher Jennifer Lean with traffic officers Giovanni Morris and Dean Oliver who were her knights in shining armour when she was involved in an accident in Fish Hoek.

Jennifer Lean, Lakeside

I was on my way to work as teacher at the Fish Hoek High School on Wednesday, July 27. At 6.50am I was waiting on Main Road, Fish Hoek, for the oncoming traffic to thin for my turn right into Sunray Road.

To dispense early with unpleasant details and get to the pleasant point of this article: a nasty accident ensued during which my car was rendered a write-off. The shock of it had hardly registered when senior traffic officers Giovanni Morris and Dean Oliver were by my side.

Their concern, their protective solicitude and calming gallantry were a godsend. Officer Morris shepherded me to his car with gentle assurances that he would attend to all the necessary gathering of information. He also assured me that he would get me to my place of employ on time. That both of these gentlemen deserve that term was further demonstrated during the subsequent trip up to the school – both exuded such a philosophically positive attitude towards life that they had me smiling before we reached the school gates. I laughingly bemoaned the fact that my packed lunch of curry and yoghurt were splattered all over the interior of my car.

Their supply of gallantry had by no means run out: I was telephonically attending to the chore of submitting my insurance claim when both gentlemen arrived back at the school with a shopping bag containing not only a mouth-watering curry, Basmati rice and a sizeable tub of yoghurt, but also a fruit juice and a PS chocolate selected with the message “All the best”.

Seldom have I been more touched – such gratuitous thoughtfulness and generosity are scare commodities indeed. A further surprise awaited me later once I procured a lift down to the local police station to report the accident and collect my case number: all the necessary had already been done by these gentlemen.

Senior officers Morris and Oliver: not only this old damsel, but equally impressed other members of the Fish Hoek High School teaching staff, salute you gallant, rescuing knights. In times when both national and international crises have us troubled, this proof that men like you exist – with your integrity, your calm internal strength, your unshakeable positivism and your generosity of spirit – is a reassuring reminder that humanity has redeeming qualities.

The world is a richer place with you in it. Heartfelt thanks to both of you.