Kommetjie Road project making headway

The Kommetjie Road Project.
The City of Cape Town says it has made significant progress with the Kommetjie Road project which is meant to relieve congestion in the Kommetjie area.

Local residents have also benefited from temporary work opportunities to the value of over R5.1 million since the project got under way.

Mayoral committee member for transport and urban development, Felicity Purchase, said; “Residents from Kommetjie and Noordhoek would have noticed that we’ve started placing the asphalt layers on the newly constructed lanes along Kommetjie Road and Ou Kaapse Weg last week. This marks an important milestone as the groundwork from the past 24 months or so is finally becoming visible, and hopefully this also gives the locals some satisfaction for enduring the inconvenience that goes with roadworks in general.”

The Kommetjie Road project is due for completion by the end of 2019. The budget for the project is R194 million and approximately R100 million has been spent to date.

About 4 000 tons of asphalt will be placed by the start of the builders’ holiday on Friday December 14.

“Motorists won’t be allowed to use the new lanes as yet. These will be barricaded during the festive season and the contractor will do regular inspections to ensure compliance. The traffic will be shifted to the new lanes only once we’re ready to start with the rehabilitation of the existing lanes a few months into 2019,” said Ms Purchase.