Kommetjie Road upgrade complete

Roadworks during the Kommetjie Road upgrade.

Roadworks for the Kommetjie Road upgrade project are done and dusted, and it is smooth sailing for far south residents from now on.

The project – started in October 2016 to ease traffic congestion in the area – was completed in June at a total cost of R256 million.

Mayoral committee member for transport, Felicity Purchase, said the 3.5km of roadworks included turning Kommetjie Road (M65) into a four-lane dual-carriageway between Capri Drive and Corsair Way
and the rehabilitation of the existing roadway; turning Ou Kaapseweg (M6) into a four-lane dual-carriageway between Noordhoek Main Road and Kommetjie Road; improving the sight distance for road users at Ou Kaapseweg and Silvermine Road intersection;
and adding turning lanes to improve traffic flow at four signalised intersections – Kommetjie Road and Capri Drive, Kommetjie Road and Ou Kaapseweg, Ou Kaapseweg and Buller Louw Boulevard, and Ou Kaapseweg and Noordhoek Main Road.

The upgrades, she said, had boosted vehicle capacity by 25% at Ou Kaapseweg and Noordhoek Road, 18% at Ou Kaapseweg and Buller Louw Boulevard, 12% at
Ou Kaapseweg and Kommetjie Main Road and 26% at KommetjieMain Road and Capri Drive.

The project used some 30 399 tons of asphalt and the new road markings cover a distance of 50.5km.

The work includes pavements along Kommetjie Road and Ou Kaapseweg and shoulders along the new roads wide enough for cyclists.

According to Ms Purchase, R11 million was spent on local labour, and R5.3 million was spent on goods and services from local subcontractors, including two from Masiphumelele.

Various indigenous trees and shrubs were used for landscaping, including the red flowering gum trees that were planted to replace the gum trees removed to make way for the wider roads.

Ms Purchase thanked residents for their patience over the past three and a half years.

“We have worked together and succeeded in completing a major infrastructure project. This would not have been possible without the dedication and commitment
from our residents, road users in general, officials, and the contractor. The improvements are
visible for all to see. I trust the locals will experience great satisfaction for enduring the inconvenience that went with the roadworks.”

Kommethjie resident Paul Botha said that while the new traffic layout appeared to channel the traffic efficiently it was a mystery why the upgrade only extended for 100 metres beyond the Capri intersection on the M65 west.

By continuing the dual-lane roadway for another 300m, to beyondtheMasiphumelele
taxi rank access road, at least 35% of the traffic on the M65 west
could also have been alleviated, he said.

Chairman of the Sunnydale Ratepayers’ Association, Chris Dooner, said the overall response from their members to the new traffic layout was positive. There was better traffic flow through the three major intersections, cyclists were enjoying the new surfaces and space, and pedestrians felt safer with street lighting at night and pavements.

“Positive comments have been received about the landscaping, which includes trees and ground cover, with the trees being selected because of their affinity with bees in addition to being suited for the environment and task at hand,” he said.