Learning centre for kids

Luke Koeries

As a solution to the struggles facing Ocean View’s children, Kids Are Kids run by Luke Koeries, is looking to set up a learning centre.

He wants it to be a clean, safe space for children to have access to the internet and where they can do research and have help with their homework.

Mr Koeries is appealing to the community to offer used but working laptops for the children to use.

“I don’t want Covid-19 to keep us back from going for, or working towards what our minds are set on,” he said.

Many of the children had no internet access to do their homework or have Zoom calls, he said.

He said the first computer had been donated by a food and beverage company that had supported his other projects.

Sharon West, of Attorneys West & Rossouw in Sunnydale, said they had arranged to have wi-fi installed at Mr Koeries’s house so he could help children with their homework and online studies.

Ms West said: “I support Luke and all his efforts through Kids Are Kids. He is a phenomenal young man who continuously thinks of ways to encourage the children to stay focused on their school work.

“He ensures their safety and is a pillar of strength in the community. He never stops thinking of ways to assist with the young and the old.”

Ms West said she had completed and submitted the application for Kids Are Kids to be a recognised NPO.

Ward councillor Simon Liell-Cock said Mr Koeries was also very involved with emergency volunteer services.

Mr Koeries said he had received a printer from someone who did not want their name mentioned.

“We have stationery, hand sanitiser… we just need more white paper and a few computers,” he said.

He said growing up in Ocean View meant he was well aware that not everyone had access to smart devices or the internet, so he wanted to create a solution before the children became discouraged.

Donations of masks for children will also be appreciated. To help, contact Mr Koeries at 074 011 7172.

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