Longer exposure to radiation is not ‘safe’

Dr Jayson Orton, Lakeside

Daniel Baum writes well regarding the need for education on the health dangers of cell towers, (“Education needed on implications of cell masts”, Echo, November 21).

Everyone, including Steven Burnett, seems to be missing the important aspect of exposure duration.

In a previous letter, (“Another perspective”, Echo, June 6), Mr Burnett made the rather disingenuous suggestion that living near a cell tower reduces your radiation exposure because your phone, which is far closer to you, can operate at lower power.

He, like the service providers, conveniently fails to identify exposure duration as the key aspect. This important concept is the reason an X-ray is ‘safe’. If they exposed you for longer it would not be. Even sunlight is carcinogenic with long-term exposure.

The same is true of cell tower radiation. It is this low level, long-term radiation that wakes us at 3am, or leaves us feeling tired after what we thought was a good sleep and causes anxiety and depression.

I speak from experience and have been forced to educate myself in order to survive.

Mr Burnett correctly notes that 5G satellites will be very low intensity radiation due to distance, (Wires crossed,” Echo, November 28), but there will be many thousands of them above our heads, permanently.

There will be no escape.