Looking for ways to grow far south’s economic potential

Aimee Kuhl, DA Councillor Candidate with Alan Winde, Provincial MEC of Economic Opportunities and Lizelle Coombs, Director of Angels Training Centre.

Tourism, local branding and small business were the focus of a meeting in the far south last week when MEC for Economic Opportunities, Alan Winde, visited Muizenberg.

The event, on Thursday July 14, gave local business owners and community-based organisations the op-portunity to engage with Mr Winde around issues relating to local economic development and tourism.

Mr Winde described Muizenberg as a place he visited to feel excited about South Africa and said that provincial government, and his department in particular, were focused on strengthening the conditions that help small businesses establish and flourish.

He emphasised that when there was “a shared set of measurements, consistent communication and reinforcing activities led by local backbone organisations”, business, government, and civil society worked together best.

Mr Winde highlighted how the far south had the unique opportunity of developing a joint brand that could attract both local and international visitors.

The idea of labelling the bay “Deep South Rivera” came up in discussion between Mr Winde and participants after his presentation. The event strengthened the call for a community convention which will be organised and facilitated by various local stakeholders; including the Muizenberg Partnership and Safer Together.

This convention will encourage collaborative processes and support the development of a common vision for Muizenberg and the Bay, by bringing together a diverse range of interest groups.

The convention is scheduled to take place late in August.

As an example of provincial government’s work to enable better business, Mr Winde discussed the the Red Tape Reduction Unit which aims to reduce the non-essential procedures and regulations that add to the cost of dealing with government.

“Red tape” has consistently been identified as one of the core elements that restrict business development and growth.

Cobus Joubert, owner of Rolling Wood and host of the event, said he had a recently contacted the Red Tape Reduction Unit for assistance and was grateful for the efficiency and effectiveness it had displayed in dealing with his problem.

Local businesses are encouraged to contact the unit when experiencing problems with local government with regards to their businesses: for more information call 0861 888 126 or email redtape@westerncape.go.za

For more information about the community convention, email fergus@partnership-muizenberg.com or call 072 365 4440.