Maintain ambiance of the area

Jayson Orton, Lakeside

The photo of the Krinos Building in the November 2 issue of the Echo made me cringe (“Fish Hoek Main Road in need of a revamp”, Echo November 2). While not the most beautiful, it is a heritage building and as a heritage consultant I believe it should never have been covered
in cellphone transponders.

This contributes to the poor image of Fish Hoek Main Road.

Attractive and well-maintained buildings will go a long way towards maintaining the ambiance and street appeal of the area.

It is a pity that so much historical character has been lost over the years. The other aspect of this that worries me is electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS). I have this condition thanks to living and working in a home that is too close to a base station and have been forced to move house in order to sleep. Sadly I bought the house not knowing about EHS and what might happen to me.