Alleged drug dealer arrested outside court

A 30-year old Ocean View man was arrested for possession of presumed stolen property at an abandoned house in Central Circle on Tuesday February 25.

Earlier this month, the Echo reported on the house being a thorn in the neighbourhood’s side as it attracts vagrants and drug dealers, (“Abandoned house nightmare,” Echo February 21).

Fish Hoek police spokesman, Warrant Officer Peter Middelton, said the man had an assortment of copper pipes, door handles and taps in his possession which he had allegedly removed from the abandoned house.

An alleged drug dealer was arrested outside the Muizenberg police station on Monday February 25.

The man had been waiting for his partner who made an appearance in the Muizenberg Magistrate’s Court.

Muizenberg police spokesman, Captain Stephen Knapp, said members of the Anti-Gang Unit were transporting a prisoner to Muizenberg Magistrate’s Court when they noticed a suspicious vehicle parked in front of the police station.

The driver was recognised as a man known to have links to the “Flakka gang”, he said.

Noticing the police, the man attempted to reverse down the street but his vehicle was forced to stop and the car was searched.

Captain Knapp said 104 mandrax tablets, five compressed dagga sticks, three packets of tik, sealed inside a 1kg sugar packet and two cellphones wrapped in plastic and concealed in a 1kg bag of maize meal were found.

An additional two packets of tobacco, a large amount of cash as well as earphones and cellphone cables were also found.

Ocean View police, along with the community police forum and neighbourhood watches, will hold a community mobilisation against crime on Tuesday March 5 at the multi-purpose centre in Ocean View at 7pm.

The meeting will be chaired by Lennit Max, former provincial police commissioner and current adviser to the Minister of Police.

“We request all community members, including NGOs, leaders, community structures and civil society organisations to attend,” said police spokesman, Sergeant Leon Fortuin.