Man killed by train

Peter Little, 74, a long-time resident of the far south, was killed on Monday, August 1, while walking on the railway line between Kalk Bay and Clovelly.

He was hit by a train at 2.20pm. His neighbour Johan Verheem said Peter chose to walk on the train tracks rather than use the sidewalks, which are such a mess, during the ongoing road works. “He has a car but could never get out of his own driveway. He would leave his car at his brother’s house in Fish Hoek and walk there when he needed the car. He was fit and active,” Mr Verheem said.

He said the Little family had lived in the area for generations and that the family had actually donated a large piece of their land to Metrorail many years ago. “We are so upset that this has happened to Peter. He lived alone for the 30 years I have lived here. Except for his char and her family – and he was putting her son through school,” Mr Verheem said.

“It is actually illegal to walk on the lines and railway police should enforce this so that tragedies like this are prevented,” he said.

Daphne Kayster, acting marketing and communication manager of Metrorail, confirmed the incident. She said according to first reports, a man crossed the railway line in front of Train 0169, with tragic consequences.

“SAPS and emergency services responded to the incident and the body was taken to Salt River mortuary,” she said.

She pointed out the knock-on effect of the incident is that operationally, the Southern Line experienced delays. Trains between Muizenberg and Fish Hoek operated on one line (in both directions). The line was only re-opened at 7.10pm for normal train operations to resume,” she said.

Eyewitnesses are encouraged to contact Metrorail’s investigation office 021 449 4336 with information.

SAPS Warrant Officer Peter Middleton confirmed the incident and asked anyone with information to contact investigating officer Captain Lungi Damoyi on 082 469 2563.