Mass clean-up in Ocean View

A mass clean-up project was held in Ocean View on Wednesday June 7.

A mass clean-up project was held in Ocean View on Wednesday June 7 to deal with illegal dumping there.

Ward assistant Yushrah Davis organised the clean-up with help from several City departments.

“I receive numerous complaints from residents in Ocean View about illegal dumping. I myself am a resident and see the dumping first-hand,” said Ms Davis.

Several hot spots were identified, including Carnation Road, Buffalo Road, Alpha Way/Scorpio Road, the flats and Mercury Road.

According to the City spokesperson Luthando Tyhalibongo, the project not only focused on clean-up efforts but also aimed to raise awareness about proper waste disposal, promote the use of drop-off facilities, report illegal dumping, and encourage residents to take pride in their surroundings

Mr Tyhalibongo said illegal dumping persisted due to beliefs that littering and dumping created job opportunities or allowed vulnerable community members to hold onto their jobs.

“This mindset often works against the well-being of the community. High levels of litter and dumping create an impression of neglect, attracting criminal elements and negatively impacting property prices and economic development in the area,” he said.

“Furthermore, improper dumping can have detrimental health effects, as it can spread diseases and create favourable conditions for pests such as rats to breed and multiply.”

Terence Daniels, a member of both the Ocean View Civic Association and the Ocean View Community Police Forum, said the clean-up showed the community’s dedication to keeping the environment clean.

“Organising a community clean-up is a proactive way to tackle illegal dumping. When the community gets involved in such initiatives, it creates a sense of ownership and encourages long-lasting changes in behaviour.“

Ward councillor Simon Liell-Cock said main aim was to clean up the area and encourage responsible waste management.

“The success of this day is evidence of the strength found in collaboration and community involvement,” Mr Liell-Cock said.

Ward assistant Yushrah Davis is pictured with a clean-up team of residents.