Miss Universe

Cecil Giddey Fish Hoek:

The Miss Universe Contest can be a drag,

though it gives countries a chance to brag.

Their beauties on show are pleasing to some,

but a few of the girls really look dumb.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, they say,

and they showed this on the TV the other day.

Why is it then more often than not,

that a blue-eyed blonde gets the winning spot?

Blonde hair and blue eyes is a very good match,

though others, with their eyes, the men do catch.

Beauty and brains we don’t often find,

this combination, we know, is a special kind.

The way a girl walks may catch the eye,

but it’s mainly her shape that makes men sigh.

A well-sculptured face that is made to lure,

with matching skin that is clean and pure.

This contest some say is a cattle run,

but I’m sure the girls have lots of fun.

Meeting other people from faraway lands,

and dancing to the tune of rhythmic bands.

Some prizes they win for being what they are,

can certainly help them go quite far.

Those that lose of the experience will tell,

to the budding young girls who grow up so well.

I’ve got nothing against it, it can be good.

If the girls didn’t like it do you think they would, keep on trying to get to the top,

of the next Miss Universe beauty crop?