Motorist collides with train, faces charges

The crushed front of the car at the Uxbridge crossing.

A Metrorail protection services official has laid charges of attempted murder, reckless and negligent driving and ignoring a legal instruction to stop, against the driver of the car which was smashed at the Uxbridge crossing.

The incident happened at 11.30am on Monday, March 6.

The case was opened at Muizenberg SAPS after the motorist allegedly ignored road signage and the officer’s warnings to stop for an oncoming train.

Riana Scott, spokesperson for Metrorail, said that according to initial reports, the driver of the vehicle ignored instructions to reduce speed, and then drove around the boom and attempted to run the official over at the Uxbridge level crossing (between False Bay and Lakeside).

The oncoming train then struck the front of the vehicle.

No injuries were reported. The train was en route to Cape Town when the incident happened.

The inbound track was closed while SAPS investigated and train traffic was re-directed onto the remaining open track.

Regional manager of Metrorail, Richard Walker, said once again that motorists, pedestrians and cyclists must approach level crossings with utmost caution; and must adhere to the traffic signs and crossing attendants’ directions.

“Commuters are advised to regularly consult Metrorail’s passenger information channels for updates on the recovery of the afternoon service,” Ms Scott said.

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Transport and Public Works MEC, Donald Grant, confirmed that a case had been opened at Muizenberg SAPS after the incident.

“This incident is yet another reminder of the consequences of reckless and irresponsible driving, which are often fatal. Incidents, particularly at level crossings, have claimed many lives in the past,” he said.

“As the Western Cape Government and Metrorail (in partnership with the various municipalities that still have level-crossings in them), we continue to do all we can to make level-crossings safer where their elimination altogether is not possible. Reckless drivers like the one involved in this morning’s incident do nothing to help the cause when they seemingly disregard road rules, and act with no consideration for others,” he said.

Mr Grant said that all road users must exercise extreme caution on the roads, particularly when they interact with level-crossings.

“Adherence to traffic signs and the instructions of crossing attendants is non-negotiable. I hope that this morning’s perpetrator is brought to justice soon, thereby showing others that lawlessness and disregarding road rules is not only dangerous, but simply will not be tolerated,” Mr Grant said.