Muizenberg Park at the Concert

Right: Bro Manchi reaches down to take the hand of widow Sophie Botha, after the band Sons of Sellassie dedicated a song to her husband Kallie Botha, who had just died of cancer.

Music and mellow, end-of-summer vibes flowed through Muizenberg Park at the Concert in the Park on Sunday March 25.
Beatenberg played in their hometown for the first time, and the crowd was treated to performances by Zoë and Vusa Mazula, Mixed Mense, Pangolin Dream Surfers (Ann Jangle and Marco Wielander) and the Nahda Brama Project. Sons of Selassie put a personal touch on the event by dedicating a song to ex-band member, Kallie Botha, who died just days before, from cancer. Muizenberg resident Sophie Botha, Kallie’s wife, was brought to the event by her son, Paul Jurgens. The community, in return, gave their best to the musicians and the afternoon was a safe haven for young and old alike, filled with dance, song and smiles.