Mural celebrates wisdom of women

Daphne Kayster, Melanie Burke, Natassa Smith and George Kiewiets all putting their mark on the Metrorail wall facing Surfers Corner.

A mural celebrating women has found a home near Surfer’s Corner thanks to a collaboration between a Muizenberg graffiti artist Claire Homewood, or Care One Love as she’s more commonly known, and Metrorail.

The project was part of the Muizenberg Festival and women – whether resident in the suburb or not – joined the team with brush in hand to paint the Metrorail wall facing the ocean.

Metrorail wanted the mural to celebrate women, and the project was supported by Safer Together (organisers of the Monthly Moonlight Meander) and the Muizenberg Improvement District.

Ms Homewood said the mural emphasised each women’s unique knowledge and how that contributed to a diverse strength that was echoed in the country’s constitution.

“Wisdom that women share connects us to each other and Earth, past and future,” she said.

This mural is part of a series of paintings she is working on, around Cape Town.

Melanie Burke, of Safer Together, said safety for her meant being able to run and play in the streets as she had been able to do as a child. She said the mural was an artistic expression of support for women’s safety and walking the Moonlight Meander once a month under the full moon carried the same message.

George Kiewiets, of Metrorail, said: “We men must respect and protect women – and celebrate the strength that women have.” While the parastatal’s Daphne Kayster said the beautified area would now be a great spot for people to take selfies.