MURP meeting set to discuss community needs

A meeting to discuss the Mayoral Urban Regeneration Plan (MURP) will be held in the Ocean View civic centre on Saturday July 15, between 2pm and 4.30pm.

Ocean View is one of the eight areas identified by the MURP for regeneration in the Western

Patrick Joseph, a member of Volunteer Action Group, said that on June 10, more than 50 people, representing 20 organisations and residents of Ocean View, met at a workshop to discuss ideas for a draft Community Action Plan.

“This was the biggest group, since a number of consultative meetings on MURP was held by City officials this year,” he said.

He said community leaders in Ocean View felt it was vital to encourage a broad range of people to participate at these meetings.

“Participants gave input on six different development needs of the community, including the needs of youth, women, community building, economic development, food security and safety and security,” he said.

Those initial plans were drawn up and are now available for further input from yet a wider range of community members.

“The objective is to uplift these communities which have been identified as neglected and dysfunctional and are seen to be degenerating rapidly,” said Mr Joseph.

The focus is to improve the safety, quality of life and socio-economic situations with parti-
cular focus on public spaces, he said.

He urged everyone in Ocean Viewtotakethisseriously and attend the meeting next

“There was a meeting on May 27 with City officials and what was decided then was that more
stakeholders need to participate in the process of drafting the Ocean View Community Action Plan,
and that the plan needs to be driven by the community themselves.”

The meeting will discuss the already drawn up draft Community Action Plan; to add these plans by way of amendments and additional proposals.

The draft plan as it stands now will be available at the library from Tuesday July 11. Residents can collect a copy, make comments and submissions to it and drop these in the box marked “Community Action Plan”. Submissions and comments can also be emailed to or by WhatsApp to 065 266 8917. Copies of the plan can also be emailed on request.